Cabal slot extender high drop location

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Update Review - Return of the Guardians. ... - Changes of the location of the item image in inventory: ... - Relic box can no longer drop Slot Extender (High).

Rare Drop: Upgrade Core (High), Lapis With Slot, OS Weapon With Slot, OS Blade 1 Slot, Lvl92-99 Amulet Ring, AOG+7, Force Absorb Ring +2 Very Rare Drop : Lapis With Double Slot (1 slot with 2nd Lvl skill), OS Weapon With 2 slot (1 slot with 2nd Lvl skill), Red OS Katana 1 slot, Red OS Blade No Slot, Terragrace/Shineguard Set, EOS/G+6, Plasma ... CABAL Online - NOTICE - Update Review - Rising Force - Mission Battle is a new PvP arena that matches like skilled individuals to engage in competitive PvP across a combined server environment. - Players can select what mode they wish to play, Standard or Ladder. cabalisfun: 2009 Linking System – Ability to show your fellow player a location on the map or a piece of your equipment. New Binding Options – Addition of ‘Bind on Equip’ items, allowing for an increase to the high-end equipment drop rates. Item shop additions - a range of new items for you to enjoy! Changes and Bug Fixes Cabal Drop list : Cabal Online - Submissions Cabal Drop list. January 17th, 2010, 4:52 pm . ... Since no one wants to know that a nipperlug can drop a battlehelm +5. ... Slot Extender High - Mutant Forest and higher

Legacy Chest will drop Upgrade Core, Force Core, Slot Extender and Enchant Safeguard Highest instead of High Legacy Chest can drop now Material Core and Astral Core Chaos in stacks of 4 Legacy Chest can drop now Cyrstal Bike RW3 with slots and craft

CABALENTINES + LUNAR EVENT - Slot Extender (High) Slot Extender (Highest) ... (1 event monster per map except on Pontus Ferrum which 2 spot location) Monster drop 1. ... Cabal Extension ... Cabal Ph Slot Extender Drop - Cabal Ph Slot Extender Drop. Pet slot extender cannot used wothout expiration date -

Cabal Expansion Part VI: Arcane Trace

Upgrade Core(High) Force Core(High) Slot Extender(Low) Slot Extender(Medium) Slot Extender(High) Map Part Muster Card Ruina Station Epaulette of the Dead Epaulette of the Dead(B2F) Plates of Honor Astral Board – All types Astral Bike RW-3 Plasma Coating Kit Epaulette of Fighter/Sage/Guardian +6 Any Extract potions Shining Yellow Powder ... Cabal Ph Slot Extender Drop - How to Train Pet in Cabal cabal ph slot extender drop Online? - Cabal Online News - www ..[Guide] Understanding Equipment in CABAL 2 – Mr. WormyAber auch wenn der Playtech Casino Bonus in den Online Casinos Free online valentine slots, bei denen Sie ohne eine Einzahlung zu leisten einen appuellen .. CABALENTINES + LUNAR EVENT - Weapon Scroll - ASA (High) Armor Scroll - ASA (High) Trade em UP! (Sigmetal Craftsman) go to NPC Aizhan (Bloody Ice) and check out the list of items you can trade to gear up! Note: This is the first release in the server for the craftsman option Event Shop Lunar Bag Perfect Core (High) Perfect Core (Highest) Slot Extender (High) Slot Extender ... Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Update Review: Devil's Tower

Update Review - Return of the Guardians. ... Location: Same as the original dungeon ... - Relic box can no longer drop Slot Extender (High).

CABAL Guide Blog: Cabal Drop Item list - Slot Extender Low - Slot Extender Medium - Epaulet of Fighter/Sage/Guard +7 - Redosmium Armor 0slot/1slot - Redosmium Weapons 0slot/1slot - Crafted Osmium Weapons - Illusion Coral / Infernal Ruby - Upgrade Core High (Only the archer and last chest will drop the good items)

Cabal Online PH Drop Slot Extender Highest

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